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When should I use an API?

When should I use an API?

GFW API will be useful for you, if you looking for:

  • Near real time data: up-to-date information with only 3 days of delay. 
  • Better user experience for your users: you can ensure a smooth and integrated user experience with relevant and up-to-date data for your users. The data is delivered when available and not only when someone has the time to update with the latest csv or data file. Offering more value to your end users.
  • Easy distribution: New data is published automatically and more frequently. This allows data to be shared and distributed more easily.
  • Automation: using GFW APIs, computers or systems are doing the work rather than actual people managing the data update. 

Examples where you can use our APIs:

  • You have a platform where you would like to include AIS fishing effort in a Map with 3 days of delay
  • You have an app where you would like to include vessel activity like encounters details

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