As an international nonprofit organization, Global Fishing Watch relies on the generous support of philanthropic donors, charitable contributions and government grants.

Our activities are overseen by an unremunerated Board of Directors, made up of representatives from our founding organizations and the scientific community, as well as independent experts. The Board of Directors ensures that we meet our objectives and fulfill our mission.

Our 2022 income and expenses

In 2022, Global Fishing Watch received donor support totaling $10 million, while expenses totaled $12.9 million.

Of every dollar of expenses, approximately 85 cents were spent directly on Global Fishing Watch’s programs. The remainder was spent on general and administrative costs and additional fundraising initiatives.

We do not accept any funding that would compromise our integrity or independence and we retain transparency as a central tenet to our donations and grant related work.

Our supporters

Our special thanks go to the trusts, foundations and governments that support our work and share our vision for a healthy, productive and resilient ocean where transparency drives fair and effective governance of marine resources.

Financial Information

Global Fishing Watch, Inc.’s 2021 audited financial statements and 2021 Form 990
Global Fishing Watch, Inc.’s 2020 audited financial statements and 2020 Form 990
Global Fishing Watch, Inc.’s 2019 audited financial statements and 2019 Form 990
Global Fishing Watch, Inc.’s 2018 audited financial statements and 2018 Form 990

Global Fishing Watch, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Contributions made to Global Fishing Watch may be tax deductible.

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