Mariagrazia Graziano

Program Manager, Europe

Varese, Italy

Mariagrazia manages Global Fishing Watch’s work throughout Europe, supporting the organization’s efforts to increase publicly available information and bolster transparency of human activity at sea. With a specific focus on fishing habitats and vulnerable marine ecosystems, Mariagrazia is responsible for coordinating projects across various teams at Global Fishing Watch to ensure its data is accessible to governments and can help support their decision making process for a more sustainable use of marine resources.

Prior to joining Global Fishing Watch, Mariagrazia was a scientific project officer at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, where she managed marine operations and facilitated dialogue across the scientific, political and NGO community under the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme. 

Mariagrazia earned a master’s degree in biological sciences and a doctorate in marine conservation at the University of Palermo in Italy .

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