Mónica Espinoza Miralles

Mónica Espinoza Miralles

Senior Program Manager - Latin America

San Jose, Costa Rica

Mónica has always been drawn to the ocean and concerned with its preservation. She has worked with NGOs dedicated to coastal and marine environment research as well as developing sustainable management actions for conservation strategies in Costa Rica since 2014. Before joining Global Fishing Watch, she worked towards the creation of a new pelagic MPA in the Pacific of Costa Rica. In 2017, she developed her thesis work on systematic conservation planning and investigated a cost-effective conservation strategy for reserve design in the Italian territorial waters in the Adriatic Sea as a continuation of her previous work in Australia.

Mónica holds a MS in Marine Spatial Planning from three European universities: Università Iuav di Venezia, University of Seville and University of Azores.

She loves to explore the underwater realm by free diving or scuba diving and also bringing awareness about the oceans and the importance of preserving them.

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