Melissa Ann Ehrenreich

Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships

Washington, DC

Melissa Ann Ehrenreich is Global Fishing Watch’s director of philanthropy and partnerships. Melissa has a 20-year track record in fundraising on marine and terrestrial conservation supporting key governance and advocacy solutions for fisheries management and ocean health. More recently, Melissa worked for Chesapeake Conservancy to apply high-resolution data to one of the world’s largest restoration initiatives focused on protecting and restoring 30 percent of Chesapeake lands and waters by 2030. While there, she helped launch the organization’s AI program and generated significant capital for data-driven and Indigenous-led partnership approaches.

Melissa also has a background as an independent consultant and spent 13 years with Ocean Conservancy helping to launch initiatives focused on ocean plastic pollution, fisheries management, marine spatial planning and international policy. She lives just outside of the Washington, DC area with her family.

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