Tim White

Tim White

Senior Manager, Global Analysis

Monterey, CA

Tim is a senior manager of global analysis at Global Fishing Watch. He delivers detailed reports to governments, nonprofit organizations and academic partners to support effective fisheries management and conservation. His work addresses a wide range of ocean challenges, including the monitoring of marine protected areas, the design of effective patrols to counter illegal fishing and the evaluation of marine conservation policies. Tim oversees analytical projects around the world with a particular focus on the Pacific region.

Tim previously served as a senior fisheries scientist at Global Fishing Watch with expertise in vessel and animal tracking and marine conservation science. Before joining Global Fishing Watch, Tim worked as a fisheries observer aboard Bering Sea crab boats, spent time as a research diver at the University of Alaska and the National Park Service, and also carried out research in the U.S. and Kiribati where he tracked sharks, tunas and vessels to help inform fisheries management.

Tim holds a doctorate in biology from Stanford University and enjoys fishing, surfing and diving in his spare time.

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