Joe Fader

Fisheries Analyst - Joint Analytical Cell and Applied Research

Washington, D.C.

Joe Fader supports the analysis work undertaken by the Joint Analytical Cell and applied research teams at Global Fishing Watch. With a background in marine ecology, geospatial analysis, and fisheries management and enforcement, Joe works with diverse datasets to provide a variety of stakeholders with fisheries intelligence, analysis and training to more effectively manage marine fisheries. 

Prior to joining Global Fishing Watch, Joe helped lead capacity development efforts in Latin America for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Law Enforcement, focusing his efforts on the implementation of the Port State Measures Agreement and the prevention of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. Joe also previously worked as a fisheries observer on longline and trawl vessels in Hawaii and Alaska, where he documented compliance with fisheries laws and regulations, and collected biological data of target catch and protected species.  

Joe holds a doctoral degree in ecology from Duke University, where he conducted research on marine mammal depredation and bycatch interactions throughout two U.S. pelagic longline fleets. 

In his spare time, Joe enjoys music, traveling and anything active on land or water.

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